Dance Styles

Dance Styles

At Signature Dance Studios we welcome and encourage dancers of any age and ability. We offer a wide range of dance styles from modern to the more traditional.

All Students are expected to wear the correct Dance uniform and footwear to lessons. This includes hair to be in a Bun for Ballet and tied back for all other styles.

Young ballet dancers in their class


Ballet is a poised style of dance that incorporates the basic techniques from many other dance forms. Ballet is executed with elegance and grace; however with hard work and practice, anyone can achieve this. Ballet can be enjoyed at any age from toddlers to adults. Pointe work can be achieved once the dancer is at a suitable level. It is important to remember that Ballet can be just for fun and exercise or for the more serious individual.

Tap Dancing Classes


Tap dance is a conversation of the feet. It uses a tapping sound that is created from metal plates that are attached to both the ball and heel of the dancer’s shoe. The metal plates, when they are tapped against a hard surface create a percussive sound. Dancers that practice Tap dance will also gather a basic understanding of rhythm and music knowledge. Tap dance is suitable for any age.

Dance class


Modern dance is more relaxed than Ballet and allows the dancer more freedom of movement. There is more use of gravity and the floor but still incorporates the basics of Ballet such as flexibility and strength. In Modern dance there is a strong sense of energy and is good fun for all.

4 dancers in a line


Jazz dance evolved from Modern dance but has a strong influence from Ballet. Jazz dance has now made its way onto Broadway and modern commercial music videos. Within the lessons the use of free music allows the dancers to be more individual and express themselves through the movement. There is more to it than just Jazz Hands!

Jumping in dance


Irish dance is a traditional high energy dance originating in Ireland. Irish social dances can be divided into céilí and set dancing. Irish dance was made popular in 1994 by the show “Riverdance”. Its characteristics are rapid, intricate leg movement’s whist the body and arms remain still. Irish dances can either be in “soft shoe” or hard shoe”.

Mixed sex dance troop


Our Hip-hop dance can be for entertainment, pleasure or a way to stay fit and active. The technique works with the music and encourages co ordination and rhythm. Our style of hip hop is a basic introduction to commercial music and works at an appropriate level for children.